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Scented Ponderosa Cones & Sugar Pinecones

Our cones are collected by hand in the sun-streaked forests of Oregon - from the slopes and in the shadows of the Central Oregon High Desert, to the dormant volcanos of the Cascade Range - picturesquely described as “the perfect snow-capped mountains” that dominates our landscape for hundreds of miles.

Like people and snowflakes, no two cones are the exactly the same. Each has it's own uniqueness and beauty. Ours is a collection of these unique and beautiful “castoffs” of nature. We take extraordinary care in preparing and providing you with products that are unsurpassed in quality and superiority. We strive to gather onlythe best cones available without any broken petals or dirt.

For ecologically sound reasons and a respect for the natural order of things, we gather only “spent” cones and pods found under the trees. NONE are ever picked off the trees. Our supply is the result of high winds which send them to the ground.